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Last Update June 2022

In the most important and largest tourist city on the Black Sea

The first unique wooden resort in Samsun

The complex is located in the heart of the green forest on Mount Samsun, near the lakes, the sea and the city. The first phase of the complex consists of ten wooden villas, a public restaurant, full service facilities, in addition to barbecue areas, children and adults playgrounds, parking, and a business club.

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Samsun, Turkey

The city of Samsun is located in northern Turkey and is the first tourist area on the Black Sea. It contains many tourist areas famous for its scenic views and wonderful atmosphere in the spring and summer, as it is located in the middle of the extension of the Black Sea on one side and the green mountain range on the other.

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Samsun Gazi Museum

The Gazi Museum is located in the Calais district in the center of Samsun, Turkey, specifically on Majdeh Street.

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Samsun Zoo

The largest zoo in the Black Sea region and Turkey. Samsun Zoo is one of the most beautiful and best tourist attractions.

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Samsun Atatürk Museum

It opened in 2001 and many interesting concerts and shows are held.

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Samsun Teleferik Tesisleri

Samsun Cable Car is located on the shore of the Black Sea and takes you to Amisos Hill. There is a restaurant and a cafe at the top where you can enjoy the stunning views of Samsun.

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Tekkeköy Caves

It is 14 km from Samsun. Stone Age people lived in these caves, and they did not know minerals, so they made all their tools of wood, stone and bone.

Invest in tourism properties

MAG 55 contracts with tourism offices and companies in the Gulf, Europe and Turkey to run daily reservations in the tourist seasons throughout the year. The project management organizes tourism programs and visits historical and tourist places, lakes, waterfalls, cable cars and fishing trips. The project management belongs to MAG 55 Construction Development Company exclusively, and the discount is Operating expenses.

Profits Distribution
65% Investor share from the annual profit
35% MAG55 share from the annual profit
Each buyer is a partner and board member of MAG55